The Genotoxicity and Health Effects of Stimulant (Energy) Drinks

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Sarab Dalaf Khalaf


  This research looked at energy drinks, and the key components of these beverages, which were shown to contain caffeine, which raises blood pressure and increases blood viscosity in the blood, the blood's proportions of sugar and fat increase heartbeat frequency and force of contractions, Touraine enter the bloodstream where it interacts with calcium, potassium, sodium, and d-water to protect the heart during physical exercise. Glucurono-lactone is thought to be a chemical that relieves depression. 50 from the control group and 50 from the addicted group were taken. There were findings, The mean and standard deviation of the percentage of DNA damage in groups were (4.48 ± 5.8), and (6.58 ±  7.9), respectively. A separate sample t-test revealed a statistically significant difference between the means of the two groups. Results that were statistically significant were observed for both addicts and controls.

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