Structural & Thermal Analysis of Gas Turbine Blade by Using Ansys

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Nallappan M, Malarkannan, vinothkumar v.s


Withstanding of gas turbine blades for the elongations is a major consideration in their properties because they are subjected to high tangential, axial, centrifugal forces during their working conditions. Several methods have been suggested for the better enhancement of the mechanical properties of blades to withstand these extreme conditions. This project summarizes the modeling and analysis of Gas turbine blade, on which CREO 2.0 is used for design of solid model of the turbine blade and ANSYS 14.0 software is used  for model meshing of the blade and  applying the boundary condition.This project specifies how the program makes effective use of the ANSYS and applies boundary conditions to examine steady state thermal & structural performance of the blade for N 155 & Inconel 725 materials. Finally found the best suited material among the TWO from the report generated after analysis. From this the results are stated and reported.

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