Clinical and Laboratory Markers in the Diagnosis and Severity of Dengue Virus Infection in Children Under 15 Years of Age

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Dr. Luay Mannaa Ibrahim


Denguevirus infection must be diagnosed early in the febrile step in order to adjust adequate management. The objective of this study is to identify clinical and laboratory predictive markers in the acute stage of dengue infection following a major dengue virus outbreak in Salah Al-din , Iraq during 2019-2020. Salah Al-din had 462 people who had been notified under 15 years of age during this period. 33.4% of these children completed the Tourniquet Test, whereas 6.4 percent did not. In 60.4% of the cases, this field was left blank, while 16.51% were described as positive. 462 children were admitted during this period. Laboratory confirmation was received in 502 cases. The finals were 77% classic dengue, 7.4% dengue with complications, 0.4% haemorrhagic dengue and 0.14% dead, and the remaining 15% unclassified. 462 cases with positive IgM, DEN 1, DEN 2, and DEN 3 were among the laboratory markers identified.The clinical markers for diagnosis and gravity of Dengue were found during the course of the study. Case series consisting of non-severe dengue and severe dengue diagnosed in paediatric hospitalised patients, according to clinical criteria. The results of the univariate testing of clinical signs and symptoms were shown as averages or percentages with a statistical significance of 0.05.In the infant population, severe vascular spills and neurological impairment have been observed. Although some information was not complete, the study, which acts as a basis for better knowledge of Dengue for children in this region, was not limited.The increased prevalence of dengue in the paediatric population could be explained by the exhaustion of susceptible in older age groups. For these reasons, it should be expected that the next dengue outbreaks will primarily affect children, and health personnel should be vigilant in the clinical identification of potentially serious cases.

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