Molecular Identification and Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV2 IgG antibody among Health Care Workers in Peshawar Pakistan

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Mohsina Haq, et al.


Covid19, the disease caused by SARS-CoV2, spread across the world during 2020. Health Care Workers (HCWs) are at higher risk for Covid19. Sero-surveillance among HCWs using IgG antibodies can add further value to the scientific findings. Purpose of the Current study to estimate seropositivity among HCWs and to correlate it with various factors affecting seropositivity. Population based large scale Sero-surveillance among HCWs was carried out during second half of August’2020 in Peshawar Pakistan using “Covid-Kavach” IgG Antibody Detection ELISA kits. Seropositivity among HCWs was estimated and compared with various demographic & other factors to understand their infection & immunity status. Proportions and Z-test were used for statistical finding of result. As on August’2020, Seropositivity among HCWs at Peshawar is 23.65% (95% Confidence Interval 21.70–25.73%). Seropositivity of 25.98% (95%CI 23.47–28.66) among female HCWs is significantly higher than 19.48% (95%CI 16.53–22.80) among male HCWs. The zone wise positivity among HCWs closely correlate with cases reported from the respective zone. The sero-positivity among HCWs from the earliest and worst affected zones has lower level of seropositivity as compared to the zones affected recently. This might be pointing to- wards the fact that the IgG Antibodies may not be long lasting. As on August 2020, the seropositivity of 23.65% in HCWs indicates high level of disease transmission and higher risk of infection among HCWs in Peshawar. The seropositivity is significantly higher among female HCWs. Zone wise seropositivity, closely correlate with the reported cases from the respective zone. Their comparison also indicates the possibility of reducing IgG seropositivity, which necessitates further in-depth scientific research to generate greater scientific evidences

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