The Impact of Climate on Human Comfort and Health in the City of Najaf

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Ali Khazaal Jawad Al - Kulabi


Human health and comfort are affected by many climatic conditions which have a direct impact on his feeling of comfort or distress, and despite the many studies that tried to find solutions to this problem, they still represent the biggest challenges that human beings face because of the great contrast between these elements from one region to another and the difference in the feeling of comfort and distress between one person and another from one region to another, Temperature, humidity and wind speed are among the most important climatic elements affecting the health and comfort of humans. The study of this research was to show the relationship between heat, humidity and wind speed through the use of the guide ways, basel and the village of Thom and its impact on human health and comfort to the city of Najaf and ways to address this problem. The third research includes the effects of high temperatures as well as the use of the wind cooling manual and the Thom presumption to measure the appropriate comfort of humans, in addition to conclusions, recommendations and a list of sources.

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