Maternal and Fetal Outcome of Spinal versus General Anaesthesia in Pre –Eclampsia Cases Undergoing Caesarean Section

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Mohd. Dawood, Nidha Rasool, Nyla Farooq


Introduction: Because of the high frequency of intrauterine growth restriction, foetal distress, and preterm, women with pre-eclampsia have a higher rate of caesarean delivery. Cesarean section, on the other hand, increases the risk of pre-eclampsia-related cardiac morbidity. This is attributed to pre-eclampsia patients' altered hemodynamics. Both spinal and general anaesthesia come with this risk. This highlights the necessity for research comparing the outcomes of Cesarean sections performed under subarachnoid block to general anaesthesia, since this will aid clinicians in underdeveloped countries in making decisions.

Objective: To compare the outcome of spinal anesthesia and general anesthesia inCesareandelivery forwomen with severe pre-eclampsia.

Methods: A retrospective study of women with severe pre-eclampsia requiring Cesarean section was carried out in our hospital. A total of 48 patients were enrolled in the study. Maternal age, parity,gestational age at delivery, booking status, Apgar scores, maternal and perinatal mortality of the sub-arachnoidblock groupwere comparedwiththose ofgeneralanesthesiagroupusingStudentt-test.

Results: There were no significant difference between the two groups in overall maternal mortality (5%vs.7%, P=0.5) and perinatal mortality (2.7% vs. 11.9%, P=0.15). The general anesthesia group had significantlymorebirthasphyxiathan the spinalgroup (56%vs. 27%,P=0.0006).

Conclusion: There was statistically significant difference in the perinatal mortality outcome of cesarean delivery between women with severe pre-eclampsia who had regional anesthesia and those that had general anesthesia. Mean maternal age was statistically significant. There was significantly higher proportion of birth as phyxiain babies of women who received general anesthesia. P value<0.05 with respect to post operative convulsions & acute renal failure which is statistically significant.

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