Retrospective Eleven Years Study of PPTCT Programme in SMGS Hospital, Jammu

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Rohini Jaggi, Rishu Sharma, Neha Majotra, Swarn Gupta



Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection is increasing at an alarming rate globally. Apart from heterosexual route, mother to-child transmission is the next most important route of HIV transmission accounting for over 90% of infections in children. HIV infection in women occur primarily during their reproductive years, hence pregnancy provides a unique opportunity for implementing prevention strategies against HIV infection.


The present retrospective study is undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of implementation of PPTCT programme in SMGS Hospital, Jammu.


All pregnant women attending antenatal OPD were counselled and tested for HIV. All positive patients were again counselled, and ART started. Spouses of all positive women were counselled and tested. Universal work precautions, Modification of labour and delivery practices were followed. All the babies born to positive women received nevirapine prophylaxis for 6 wks and babies were tested at 18 months. Mothers were counselled regarding breast feeding.


A total of 44,677 ante-natal women were counselled and all of them gave consent for HIV testing. Seropositivity in these women was 49.37%. The no. of positive deliveries (140) exceeded the no. of positive antenatal cases (40). Most of these patients were primis or second gravidas, majority of them were young, belonging to age group of 20-30 yrs and most of them were not well educated; 100% of spouses were found to be seropositive. Most of these women (60%) were delivered through vaginal route. LSCS was one for obstetric indication in 40% of cases. There were 99.2% live births. ALL the mothers opted for replacement feeding 100%. Seropositivity of babies born to these mothers could not be calculated due to loss of patients to follow-up.


The PPTCT programme is effective and has reduced the rate of transmission from mother to child. Labour room screening and early infant diagnosis should be introduced in our hospital.


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