Surgical Correction of Uterine Prolapse in Cows

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Khalaf H. Ashur


The present study was aimed for surgical management of uterine prolapsed diagnosed in 40 adult cows during May to September 2019 in Wasit province, Iraq. Initially, the symptoms of hypocalcaemia, prolong dystocia, fetal attraction, fetal oversize, retained fetal membrane, and chronic paresis were reported in some cases. The cows showed protrusion of mass through the vulva after its first calving. On clinical examination animal was apparently healthy and confirmed as uterine prolapse. Surgical intervention was performed to correct abnormal symptoms as well as to return the prolapsed uterus of study cows. The steps involved removing the placenta found above large caruncles adhered to surface of prolapsed mass as well as cleaning the endometrial surface and repairing lacerations if existed. Then, the surface of uterus was washed with povidone iodine 5% to remove any affection or feces. The uterus then returned to its normal position then suturing of vulva by horizontal mattress suturing. The Animals have an uneventful retrieval.

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