The Effect of Fear and Psychological Anxiety on Women who are about to Give Birth in the Last Months of Pregnancy

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Wafaa Mohammed Abed


Background: Anxiety is still as one of the one of the most important topics of concern to many specialists in the branches of various scientific studies. The interest of studying anxiety in part is due to the negative consequences as it causes a wide spectrum psychological disorders in both sexes and perhaps in women in particular the biggest and perhaps the most important factor affecting a pregnant woman. The upcoming birth is what we mentioned earlier, which is anxiety being the first emotional response in the lexicon of situations especially in this period.

Objectives: Find out if the woman who is about to give birth suffers from psychological anxiety and shed light on the most important physical and psychological symptoms of psychological anxiety for the woman who is due to give birth.

Materials and methods: This research was conducted on a randomly selected sample of women about to give birth in Al-Kut Maternity Hospital in Wasit Governorate, the number of examinations reached 100 during 12/1/2021 to 20/1/2021.

Results: Physiological and physical symptoms were conducted on 100 samples of pregnant women in the last months of pregnancy and the percentages were divided into three sections high, medium and rare. The physical symptoms included shortness of breath - dry mouth and throat-feeling cold in the hands- suffering from constant constipation- chest pain and dizziness- persistent headache, and the high rate ranged between (5-60%). While the physiological symptoms included 11 choices, the percentages ranged between 0 - 90%.

Conclusion: Psychological anxiety accompanies a person at all stages His life, especially pregnant women, and the severity of anxiety varies according to the extent to which the physiological and physical symptoms of anxiety dominate the pregnant woman.

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