Trauma From Occlusion - Periodontal Traumatism

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Jaideep Mahendra, AbiramiNayaki Rao P, Dr Janani M


Patients suffering from occlusal trauma may experience tooth mobility, temperomandibular joint pain, masticatory pain, and periodontal disease. An early diagnosis, a proper treatment plan, and malocclusion correction can all lead to a successful outcome. In patients with occlusal trauma, a lack of awareness of orthodontic treatment can result in tooth structure loss. The effects of occlusal trauma and excessive occlusal forces on the periodontium are investigated in this narrative review, which includes the onset and progression of periodontitis, abfraction, and gingival recession.

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Jaideep Mahendra, AbiramiNayaki Rao P, Dr Janani M. (2020). Trauma From Occlusion - Periodontal Traumatism. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 1224–1236. Retrieved from