Bio-Film Degradation Activity Of Microorganisms And Dental Plaque

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P.Sudharson, R.Selvam, R.Kungumapriya, K.Revathi, K.Anjalai


Biofilms are compositebacteriologicalcombinations encapsulated in a hydrated polymeric matrix of their individualmixture and cells stick to each other and often also to a surface.Current advances in research methodology have allowed researchers to study bacteria in their natural atmosphere.Dental plaque is the varied microbial community originates on the tooth surface rooted in a matrix of polymers of bacterial and salivary origin.When a tooth shallow is cleaned, anexercise film of proteins and glycoproteins is adsorbed quickly to the tooth surface.Dental biofilm forms through a well-arranged sequence of events, subsequent in structured and functionally planned species rich microbial community and modern molecular biological techniques have recognized about 1000 different bacterial species.There is a high level of attentionin the possessions of biofilms and microbial collectionssideways all sectors of industrial, environmental and medical microbiology.

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P.Sudharson, R.Selvam, R.Kungumapriya, K.Revathi, K.Anjalai. (2020). Bio-Film Degradation Activity Of Microorganisms And Dental Plaque. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 1164–1172. Retrieved from