Privatisation and Modernisation of Indian Banking System, A Special Reference to Internet Banking

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Dr.R.S.Sripoorni, Dr.B.Karthikeyan


Background: Internet banking is a great challenge for the banking industries in past years but it become a revolution in the field of banking and finance. Internet banking facility proves to be very handy for small transactions like balance inquiry, record of recent transaction, etc. Customers differ in their views on, adopting internet banking or banking service due to hackers or risk in handing safe transaction.

Objectives: The purpose of this study was to examine the role ofTransmission in Banking Industry.  First the study elicits the views of the respondents on internet banking services. Secondly, the shows the purpose for which internet banking is used. Finally the study made to evaluate the factors leading to the satisfaction of the respondents on the usage of internet banking.

Material & Methods: The survey conducted through convenience sampling method drawn a sample of 100 respondents by a detailed questioner. The respondents were asked to state the purpose for which they would like to use internet banking. For this, they are given 25 statements and asked to assign 1st or 2nd or 3rd ranks to these statements based on their views. The services offered by internet banking are classified into seven factors are analyzed by average score.

Result: About 52 percent of the respondents have given the first three ranks to the statement getting mini statement of bank dealing through internet banking and for obtaining loan applications through internet banking. Under, Opinion on services offered by internet banking the respondents were asked to give their opinion on various services offered by the internet banking. Banks are faced with a competitive environment in order to succeed in such market place; they have to offer a wide range of products with the latest technology.Among the respondents internet banking services provide overall satisfaction to 84 percent of users and 16 percent are not satisfied on internet banking services they prefer to visit the Bank.

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